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Address box/Map

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Address box/Map

Most of the times I try to open a profile page from an address box attached to localizations on the map, the box starts to jump up and down, what makes it impossible to place a marking “finger” on the link within the box. What is the problem? It looks like the phenomenon has been implanted intentionally by the site designer, is this really so?

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I do not see that on my

I do not see that on my system (Chrome on OS X).

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Piotr ... I think we need to know, what operating system are you using ? On what device ? Can you test on a different computer ..?

I don't have this problem, using Chrome on Windows 7 ( very old !)

Thanks for describing the problem ! Let's see what we can do to fix it ...

WS Member imaginea utilizatorului Piotras

Dear Friends, I have recently tried this function on different computers, not only in Sweden, but in Germany and England as well. With exactly the same result.
It is just obvious that it must be a kind of a silly joke created by the page designer, extremely irritating the user, but a good fun for him, it seems so…

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