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cycle from San Diego trough Baja, Copper canyon, Mexico and through Colombia to Ecuador: anyone suggestions for the route

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cycle from San Diego trough Baja, Copper canyon, Mexico and through Colombia to Ecuador: anyone suggestions for the route

Hello everyone,

We are leaving on a biking trip end of DEcember. We're starting in San Diego and would like to cross baja, then go to the copper canyon, bike to Durango Mexico and then to Guatemala. From here, we're taking a plane to Panama, sail to Cartagena and from there it goes to the border with Ecuador.

However, we don't have enough time to do the whole route by bike (we have to be in Guayaquil, Ecuador by the end of march) and the idea is to do parts by bike and then take the bus to an other part, do an other few weeks of biking etc...

Has anyone good tips for the best parts to cycle?

We are already planning on biking in baja, but skip the northern part ( anyone info on the most beautiful part of the southern side? Like, is it possible to bike anywhere else but on the Panamerican with a regular touring bike?). Then we would bike from Creel to Durango (copper canyon) and from there on we're still unsure..

Any suggestions are very welcome, as well as are routes etc..

We are also still looking for GPS maps of the countries we are going to visit.

Thanks a lot!!

Nele and Sam

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Hi Having just cycled through


Having just cycled through Baja, to me the best part of it is from El Rosario de Arriba and up to Catavina, through the Boulder Field in the northern half. Other highlights are not necessarily cycling but the town of San Ignacio is beautiful, as is the Bay of Conception.

Best wishes

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Copper Canyon is great... Skip Parral to Durango

* From Creel to Hidalgo de Parral is fantastic, you'll love it. Go down into the bottom as well, but not necessarily by bike.
* From Parral to Durango is long and not the greatest thing in the world. Since you're picking and choosing you might not want that part.
* Riding over the volcanos to the east of Mexico City was a pleasure
* The long way from Cholula to Oaxaca was great.
* The highlands of Chiapas were great

We loved Mexico. You'll love western Guatemala if you can get there. All cyclists love Colombia, and Colombia loves cyclists, so you might want to plan to ride part of Colombia.

All that territory is fantastic. Enjoy!

(Our trip from 2006 to 2009 is at and has complete route info)