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Friends / Favourites


at first I would like to say 'thank you' to all who work on this website for creating such a wonderful possibility for getting people together! One thing I have to say it can be hard finding known people again when i forgot their names, correct spelling or username.
I Wonder if it would be possible and/or helpful to have something like a personal friends list, means being able to mark people as friends so they appear in a list somewhere in my profile to make it easier finding them again for the next tour / contact / etc, maybe even with the possibility to add a personal comment (not visible for other users!). This could be a list that is only visible for me, or even with the option to make it public for other users with a click...



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A great idea

Yes, I think you're right on about this. I'll think about how to implement it.

I should mention that when you *recommend* a member, that recommendation is visible in both your profile and theirs, so it gets you a part of the way there. Go write recommendations for all the people you've met.


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