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What to Do When When a Host Has Two Houses?

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What to Do When When a Host Has Two Houses?

My wife and I live half-time near Annapolis, MD, and half-time on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Right now we are shown as unavailable (set up only in Pungoteague, VA) because we don't know how to offer to host - we are willing to host at either house when we are there. How should we set this up? Can we show hosting availability in two locations? Should we set up two accounts and switch availability depending on where we are located at any point in time? Is it too complicated to work in the warmshowers format?

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i have the same question!

i have the same question!

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Use two email addresses and two accounts

We don't have a better solution than using different email addresses and different accounts.

If you use gmail or google apps, you can use "+ addressing" - and both go to your gmail account.

Thanks for your double-generosity!