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Wifi on Vancouver Island/Canada

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Wifi on Vancouver Island/Canada

I'm thinking about doing a 7-10 day bike tour of Vancouver Island. I work from home and would need to bring work on the road with me, unfortunately. But, I think it could be an interesting challenge! Can I do a bike camping/remote working trip for a week? 

First, has anyone else done this in Canada or elsewhere?

The only issue I'm trying to sort out is wifi. For my job, I would need about 10GB of data while away and reliable connections for Skype meetings. I would also need to work about 7 hours a day, and would bike travel about 50-70km a day max. I've looked into buying extra data and using my iPhone as a wifi hotspot but this seems quite expensive and I don't know how reliable it is. I could bounce from cafe to cafe (while loading up on coffee and snacks, of course!) but again, I would worry about the wifi quality if I need to connect for a call or urgent project deadline. I thought about making a map of Starbucks stores, even though I don't like their coffee. 

I will travel from Victoria to Cumberland and back, I think. I'm trying to decide where the best places are to stop and camp, do Warmshowers or affordable Airbnb not too far off the route up the island, which is mostly on secondary roads and bike paths. 

Does anyone know of 1/2-day office rentals on the island or have any other suggestions I should look into? It doesn't look like any campgrounds have wifi. 

I've only stayed at a Warmshowers host's once, and the experience was great! Would it be too imposing to ask someone if I can stay and use wifi for a day (and happily pay for it + dinner)? That way, I could batch my meetings.

I'm writing a book about remote work and think this would be an interesting addition to it if I can make it work without it being too frustrating. If you've done this, I would love to talk to you as I'm having trouble finding some information online. 

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