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Across America East to West Mid September to Mid November

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Across America East to West Mid September to Mid November


I am a high school graduate starting a gap year and planning to bike across the country East to West 2019 Fall. I will be leaving mid September and plan to spend around two months on the road riding 50 to 100 miles a day, depending on terrain. I plan on using warmshowers and stealth camping. I would like to use the reverse RAAM route (DC to Santa Barbara) because the maps are publicly available and the route seems reasonable. I may start in Cambridge, MA (where I live) and join the route along the way, and end up going somewhere else in CA towards the end.

I am looking for anyone who wants to do this ride and enjoy it with me. I am an 18 year old male, and not a vegitarian and would be happy to ride with anyone of any age, gender, or food preference, as long as they are self sufficient.

Feel free to contact me with questions!

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Cross country trip

Hey Max,

Noticed your ad about riding cross country from Mass to California this fall.  Have you already started?

Anyway, I have been messaging a fellow warmshowers gal that is planning a similar trip this fall.  She is trying to plan her ride to maintain good weather along the route.  Just thought I would mention to you what she had planned.

She is starting from the DC area and heading south along the East Coast Greenway trail to Florida where she will turn west and ride along the southern tier of states close to the Gulf of Mexico - then through Texas, NM and Arizona.  Weather may be questionable biking through Northern NM and Southern Colorado during late Oct / early Nov. 

Anyway, If you decide to take a more southern route, and pass through the Dallas area, give me a shout, I usually have a bedroom available --- I'd love to hear about your adventure.

Take care and good luck,

Craig Wehrli

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