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Cycling in New Zealand

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Cycling in New Zealand

Hey guys! 

So next month I'll be arriving in Auckland and I'm going to spend 3 1/2 weeks cycling through the north and south islands. I was advised to spend less time in the north due to there being more people and less interesting nature. When I land I'll rent a bicycle from Natural High next to the airport. 
The problem is that I want to skip the first part of the journey and find a way to get to at least Hamilton via public transport. However, with a train this seems to be impossible because of their infrequency, and with Intercity it seems a bit difficult too because they demand that you remove both wheels, cover the chain, contact them in advance... etc etc... and I don't really want to fiddle around with a rental bike and hope that it survives the journey. I know how to ride a bike but when it comes to fixing them... well....! 

So my question is does anyone have any advice for getting from Auckland to/past Hamilton with a bicycle? Maybe there's an alternative company that transports you and the bike... 


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You can always hitch hike...

You can always hitch hike... bit difficult with a bicycle though. most people use Intercity if not driving. if you ride, it will only take you a day to reach Hamilton by bicycle. 

I use freight forward company for my business and I wouldnt let them go near my bicycle... 

I think Intercity or similar is your only viable option. 

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The bus is probably the best

The bus is probably the best option. Have you tried other bus companies? One issue I struck was not being able to definitely book the bike on the same bus as I was booked on, depending on how much space there was for luggage.

Have you considered riding to Hamilton via less busy routes? I have cycled down the east coast of Auckland to Thames and then across to Hamilton (or bypass it altogether), or down the other side of the main highway south of Tuakau? You would need to find a quiet route to clear out of central Auckland but once you get clear, the roads are not too busy.

With the time you have available, it is rather too short to try both islands. Consider touring only one island in that time period.

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