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Plan => Africa. // No ego compensation // No dead line

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Plan => Africa. // No ego compensation // No dead line


I will leave soon France to go to Morocco, Sénégal and co.

So, maybe we can share a piece of life together ?

Maybe not all the time, because for my part, i really like to be alone. But we will see this together, in time. We will try to feel the situation, talk about this, without taking personaly things and just understand eath other ?

If you feel the same, before leave or on the road, contact me !


My profil :


I'm a french man, 33 years old. I already did few bicycle traveling trip.
The next one ==> Africa ! Without plan and without dead line, Because i already tryed to know the futur, but it's never worked. So, i divice to give up, and i think it's a pretty good idea ! (i alreday try and i like)

I just want try to know myself, to listen myself, And also try to put my unhealthy ego side in my ass. So, no calculate altitude and kilometer for exemple... or try to see the futur...

For that, i want live experiences, meet people, be connected with a few "normality, a few culture...



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