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Buy a bycicle and gear in Iran

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Buy a bycicle and gear in Iran

Hi all,

Does anyone have an idea of the prices to buy cycling gear and a touring bike in Iran at the moment?

We are planning to start a cycling trip through the Silk Road in Iran and we don't have the bikes at the moment, so I wonder if instead of buying and carrying it on the flights it may be better just buy everything in Iran, flight light, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, my opinion is that Iran

Hi, my opinion is that Iran has been constrained by sanctions for a long time.  I'm not sure that you will find much of a selection of quality touring bikes there.


My second opinion is that it may be safer to arrive into Iran with your own bike.  I don't know where you are from, but every tourist in Iran is a probable spy, so arriving with/or by bicycle is a good cover.  I was seriously harassed twice, but then I'm an American with an Australian passport..

There are many WS members in Iran.  Many have very good English, but know little about touring.  They could be helpful.

i don't wish to publicly provide the contact details of my good friends there, but if you provide your direct email address, I'll have them contact you.  

It is worth the effort and hopefully the risks.  My two visits there were exceptional, and resulted in the two greatest friendships in my life.

I'm hoping to return eventually, but with the deterioration of relations with the west, I am treading carefully.

Good luck and happy travels.



p.s.  Uzbekistan is also brilliant for touring.

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Hi Robert,

Hi Robert,
Thanks a lot for the reply!
That all makes sense. 
I've seen also that probably won't be able to use my credit card so I'll need to carry a lot of cash with me, so probably better off arriving with bikes.
I'm very glad to hear that you had great experiences, though I'm not surprised at all as this is what I've seen most reading posts or articles from people that have traveled to Iran. 
Hopefully I will be the next one recommending it!
I'll DM you to provide my email.
Thanks a lot for the tips.

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Not experineced any harasment

Not experineced any harasment in Iran. 
Go to my profile, there two persons from Iran in my feedback. The man Alireza is teacher and has a bicycle shop. Not sure wha kind of stuff he has but he has loads of bicycle touring experience with his friends fully loaded. So he knows where to get stuff. Please say hello from us ;-)

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Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the experience and the contacts! 

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Hi Leonardo,

Hi Leonardo,

I don't know the prices of bikes and gear in Iran. Hovewer, I spent over 3 weeks in Iran last month (not a cycling trip) and I'm sorry to say that sometimes shopkeepers in Iran scam tourists by offering them significantly higher prices that they'd offer a local person. I wasn't under the impression that this is just a bargaining act (which I experienced in Turkey and Israel). So, unless you're ok with "overpaying" or you go shopping accompanied by an Iranian person, you might be much better off bringing your own bike and gear. Other thing to keep in mind: Iranian stores, including sport stores, are usually small, don't expect anything like Decathlon chain, buying everything you need can take A LOT of time, especially if you care about high quality. But if you do need to buy anything, your best bet is Moniriyeh Square in Tehran. There are many small stores with camping equipment, including camping gas (which is cheap but of very bad quality). [EDIT: I paid 400k IRR for a 230 g gas cartridge with thread]

And no, you definitely can't use MasterCard or Visa - only cash or Iranian cards can be used (you can purchase a "prepaid" card for tourist). Exchange office at the IKA airport offers surprisingly good exchange rates (unlike exchange offices at most airports in the world), I don't know about other airports. Getting robbed is unlikely - Iran is probably safer than most "western" countries. Raising suspicions as a potential spy as a non-American is even less likely.

If you have any other questions regarding travelling in Iran, don't hesitate to send me a message.

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Thanks Patryk! 

Thanks Patryk! 

Really appreciate the input !