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Annual Pester Message (Romanian)

Subject: Warmshowers: ACTION REQUIRED: Please sign in and update your account

Hi - This is Randy Fay from

Please acknowledge that you have received this message and want to continue with by <a href="[login-one-time]">clicking here to log in - no password is required</a>. If the link doesn't work or your email client doesn't display it, copy and paste this URL into your browser:


You do not need to reply to this message but <strong>PLEASE</strong> log in to using the link above and update your information! Otherwise your account will eventually be deleted. All you have to do is click the link to log in and we'll know you're still with us.

We annually delete all members who haven't logged in for the previous year.

You haven't logged in since <em>[user-last-login-small]</em>, so we think your information might be invalid or you might not be reachable at this email address (<em>[mail]</em>) any more.

If you no longer want an account on, you can just <a href="[site-url]user/[uid]/delete">click here to delete your account after logging in</a>, or just let us know by replying to this email. If you don't log in by January 5, 2014, I'll go ahead and delete your account.

Just reply to this message if you have any questions.



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