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Cycle touring wiki

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Cycle touring wiki

I was wondering if we could make a Warmshowers wiki about cycle touring, similar to wikitravel.
There are hundreds of cyclist blogs around with lots of information, but it isn't organized, so it's very difficult to find information about a specific city, region or itinerary. Furthermore, the blogs are often about experiences instead of practical information.
As cycle touring can be a difficult hobby (lack of cycle routes, dangerous traffic, difficult terrain, etc.), some advice could help a lot the travelers.
I propose to install a wiki on the warmshowers site ( or create a new site ( for a wiki like this.
I would be happy to be among the firsts to write a page about my region :)

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A good idea

It's a good idea! We've always focused on hospitality only, but we may try to do some other things for the cycle touring community in the future. This idea has been brought up and a lot of people like it - the ticket on it is


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Wiki focussing on locations

Hey, on my recent trip I had the same idea and would really love to this happen - and support it.
My proposal is to have a wiki, that focusses first on locations/cities. I think, this is in direct relation to us, the normal WS audience.
For example (from my last trip), we could have pages on cities like Samarkand, Amsterdam, etc etc
Hosts (and travellers passing) through could collaborate on collecting important bike traveller information like for example:
- where and how to get visa?
- bike friendly accommodation/hostel?
- bike traveller friendly bike workshops?
- where to get bike boxes (for air transport)?
- other cool places for bike travellers?
etc etc

Later we could certainly extend the wiki to other issues, but I think locations would be the first things I suggest to focus on.
So far, thanks for all the effort,